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About Us

Infrastructure Developments Corporation (IDVC) is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and focuses on project management and other businesses in the Middle East, East Asia, and Oceania. IDVC fills an underserved niche in the global project spectrum, targeting specialized projects and subcontracts that are too small to attract the attention of the giant multinational firms but which still require world class engineering expertise. Our managers and partner consultants have decades of engineering experience, not only in the boardroom but in the hands-on world of managing complex engineering enterprises in difficult political environments and high-threat situations.

IDVC is the exclusive distributor for "Wing House" mobile structures in North America and other regions. IDVC has placed Wing Houses on various projects in Southeast Asia and Middle East since 2009.

IDVC holds a distribution license for solar power systems from First Energy Systems Provider Inc, covering the Philippines, Cambodia, and the United Arab Emirates, all prime markets for solar power.