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Everforce Energy

  • The Magnetic Transducer Generator.
  • EverForce Energy has developed a technology that will redefine the electrical energy generation sector. The Magnetic Transducer Generator (MTG) provides access to an inexpensive, continuously available, and non-polluting method for generating electrical energy in a format that is applicable in both small and large-scale, fixed and portable, energy scenarios. The MTG is currently available in two models with generation capacities of 1.3MW and 5MW respectively, and is easily customizable to smaller scales.
  • Flexibility and functionality are two key elements of the MTG technology that make it ideal for many energy generation scenarios. The MTG can be affixed to existing energy grids as a method to improve energy efficiency in urban areas, or used to develop mini-grids in rural areas that lack access to energy. The MTG can also function as a standalone energy source for mining companies, medical facilities, research centres, construction firms, as well as other industrial and commercial enterprises operating in remote locations.
  • Infrastructure Developments Corp. has entered into a joint venture with EverForce Energy, Inc. to market and distribute magnetic transducer generators ("MTG"s) and other Everforce products in Nigeria, South Africa, and other countries in Africa and the Middle East.